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This would be a nice experiment on a busy shopping day.

dancing balls on escalator

Koze's Musik für die Nacht...

via Geometry Daily. 30 second animation by Carlo Vega, drawing inspiration from some posts from Geometry Daily.

Dancing shapes

Is our universe the only universe? Refreshing and wonderful short movie by Paul Trillo.

Hidden Realities

Le Madame Chic Colour palette

New colour palette.

Le Madame Chic

Inspiring physic lesson. Seeing things in different perspective. © 1977 Office of Charles and Ray Eames.

Powers of Ten

night-dj says goodbye

2001–2013. Bye for now.

It is time to move on with other projects. Thus, I am going to close More info on that HERE. Thank you to all labels, partners and music lovers who kept me energized over the years.

2001–2013. night-dj

Aus der Slices Videoserie mit Theo Parrish (!!) und Trentemøller.

Theo Parrish & Trentemøller im Slices Interview

Kindertagesstätte Glückskinderwelt in Herzen Heidelbergs

Neues Kundenprojekt online: Willkommen in der Glückskinderwelt Heidelberg. Umsetzung einer maßgeschneiderten, multilingualen, Responsive Webseite. Skaliert wunderschön auf Mobile Phones, Tablets und Desktops.

Willkommen in der Glückskinderwelt

Personal project in 2010. This is from a series of a experimental photo shoots on everything typographic, color and textures.

What I Made Today • 25. November 2012

smells like fall

smells like fall

bald geht es hier wieder weiter.

dran bleiben..

Some great thoughts on the purpose of creativity, art in society...via MADE Blog

Moby Interview: Thoughts on creativity

Some very good lectures from the Red Bull Music Academy Rome 2004, Seattle 2005, Melbourne 2006

Red Bull Music Academy, Rome 2004 with Benny Sings, Sonar Kollektiv, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Red Bull Music Academy, Seattle 2005 with Kerri Chandler, Mad House Records, New Jersey, USA

Red Bull Music Academy, Melbourne 2006 with Derrick May, Transmat, Detroit, USA

Various great lectures from the Red Bull Music Academy

Corporate Design and Landing Page Klavierunterricht

Neues Corporate Projekt mit Landing Page online: Konzeption und Gestaltung von neuen Erscheinungsbild „Klavierunterricht Hoffmann“.

Neues Corporate Projekt: Pianohoffmann