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Procrastination from Johnny Kelly.

„Procrastination is finding the most difficult way of doing something.“

Organic motion animation by Bonsajo.

Vanishing Point

Your secret from Jean-Sebastien Monzani on Vimeo.

…that's why I love designing. Making things beautiful and telling stories. It's just such a great colours selection, fantastic movie editing and a stunning sound atmosphere! "Your secret" created by Swiss graphic designer Jean-Sebastien Monzani absolutely made my day. Thank you!

Definitely check out his vimeo profile Jean-Sebastien Monzani!

Your secret by Jean-Sebastien Monzani


(via Und noch ein IE Post. Microsofts Bemühungen den Internet Explorer 6 endgültig los zu werden. Das kann man nur begrüßen.

IE8 Milk

Die neuen Visitenkarten sind soeben eingetroffen.

Frisch aus der Druckerei

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landscapelifescapeLion’s Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
postcard (via tilo driessen)

Lion’s Gate Bridge

Kind of annoying these weekly update operations. It feels like there's always ”a more recent version" available. Sometimes it's more comfortable if you don't upgrade your system.

Daily update hassle

quote-book: (via:keri)

I Love that!

Creativity is a priority to the integrity of the univers