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This blog definitely needs a complete overhaul. I'll switching away from Drupal as blogging engine. In the meantime I am going to publish new stuff at

blog overhaul

I am really in love with these synths by Coma - Happiness.

Monday Moods

taste like summer

When you know summertime has finally arrived.

Tastes Like Summer

This would be a nice experiment on a busy shopping day.

dancing balls on escalator

via Geometry Daily. 30 second animation by Carlo Vega, drawing inspiration from some posts from Geometry Daily.

Dancing shapes

Is our universe the only universe? Refreshing and wonderful short movie by Paul Trillo.

Hidden Realities

Le Madame Chic Colour palette

New colour palette.

Le Madame Chic

Inspiring physic lesson. Seeing things in different perspective. © 1977 Office of Charles and Ray Eames. You can also find a nice overview about Charles and Ray Eames work, current exhibitions on

Powers of Ten

night-dj says goodbye

2001–2013. Bye for now.

It is time to move on with other projects. Thus, I am going to close More info on that HERE. Thank you to all labels, partners and music lovers who kept me energized over the years.

2001–2013. night-dj